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Click here to access the Google Map that shows the new Marina Riviera Nayarit relative to the location of Casa Terra.  To locate Casa Terra, from the Marina, follow the beach (to the right) moving past the horseshoe shaped complex (with one swimming pool), past the inverted "V" shaped complex (with one pool).  Casa Terra is located in the next complex where every house has its own private swimming pool, just before you get to the two breakwaters that form the little cove at the next complex to the right of Casa Terra.  (If you move the map or click out one or two clicks, you will see the speedboat in the water, "almost" in line with the location of Casa Terra.)   Casa Terra is in the beachfront row of homes, at the far right in the complex.  If you zoom in a couple of clicks and move your cursor on the map, you will see 4 chaise lounges on the grass in front of Casa Terra. 

Please note:  The satellite view is several years old as it does not show the finished marina and very few boats moored in the marina.  You will also see the village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle behind the marina where there is some shopping, a weekly market and many very good restaurants--several with evening entertainment.


An easy walk (less than 10 minutes) along the beach from Casa Terra to the marina and the village of La Cruz
(15 minute walk by road or 3 minute drive by car or taxi)


View from the beach, looking towards the new Marina Riviera Nayarit


Entrance to the marina
and start of the malecon. 

In the foreground
you will see the
paved walkway (malecon)
that runs along the water's edge
the full length of the marina,
all the way to the Marina Yacht club


Mexican Pangas (fishing boats)
moored at the marina 

Note the two (domed) palapa roofs
at the
Yacht Club in the background

It's a pleasant walk
along the paved malecon
at the start of the marina,
(photo above) completely around
to the Marina Yacht Club
or into the village of
La Cruz de Huanacaxtle


New Marina Riviera Yacht Club and Sky Bar 
The Yacht Club has a small store for groceries and sundries,
an open air restaurant under the large palapa (for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
and the Sky Bar lounge (with white umbrellas)
Great spot for afternoon drinks, spectacular sunsets and dancing under the stars!


Yachts moored at the new 400 slip
Marina Riviera Nayarit

This photo was taken
early in the season.
Soon more luxury yachts
will arrive
to spend the winter
in the beautiful
Bay of Banderas

Casa Terra is over to the right,
out of view.


Enjoy a drink at the Marina Sky Bar

Full bar service and
great views during the day
and even better at sunset!

At night, the sea dances with
silvery reflection
under the moonlit sky

Speaking of dancing... can dance the night way
under the twinkling stars!


Fresh fish vendor at the marina 

Looks like snapper and shrimp
are the
fresh catch of the day,
so far!


Someone is going to enjoy
a delicious meal
of fresh snapper tonight!


An easy (less than 10 minute) walk along the beach from the marina and La Cruz, back to Casa Terra

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Casa Terra, 9A La Puntilla, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico
Contact:  Marilyn Hadley  |  Phone:  250 752-6304  | e-mail

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